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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Class Teachers: Miss Shotton, Miss Saunders, Miss Harvey and Mr Hardy


At Southey Green, we promise to provide our children with 6 unique experiences in each year group. We call these ‘Southey’s Super Six’. These tasks give our children something to look forward to each year and in places, provide an opportunity that the children may not have previously had.

Take a look at our topics for this coming year. We intend to teach the children a wide range of skills alongside an array of knowledge for each unit. There may be slight changes throughout the year depending on weather, availability and other opportunities that arise.

Meet our new robot friends – Dash and Dot!


Year 6 have had great fun using Dash and Dot to develop our programming skills.

We started off with Dot. We could make him speak, flash, change colour and we even played a few games with him!

Dash was even more exciting to work with! Dash has been moving around our school avoiding hazards and we have recently started programming him to play the xylophone whilst moving – almost like a one man band!

The Circulatory System

We are absolutely loving Science in Y6! Building on from the learning we did in Y3, Y4 and Y5, we have been identifying the main parts of the human circulatory system, exploring the role of the heart and also how blood becomes deoxygenated as it leaves our body! Here are some of the fantastic pieces of work completed so far.