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Swab & Send Project

Our year 2s have become real scientists! They have taken part in a real science research project which could help solve a global dilemma- resistance to antibiotics. They chose different areas around our school and went microbe mining. Microbe mining is swabbing different areas to gather microbes ready to be grown by other scientists. Our aim is to potentially find a new microbe which will be cultured to help create a new antibiotic.


The aims of the research project were:

  • To understand what microbes are and some are good and others are harmful.
  • To go microbe mining.
  • To work well in a team.
  • To take part in real science research project.
  • To understand more about the world.


Have a look through our photographs and the work produced from this. Over time we are excited to hear back from the scientists to see if we have helped the global problem.