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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Class Teachers: Miss Machin, Miss Wood and Mrs Duffy


Year 3 is a fun year for children where lots of exciting learning takes place.


At Southey Green, we promise to provide our children with 6 unique experiences in each year group. We call these ‘Southey’s Super Six’. These tasks give our children something to look forward to each year and in places, provide an opportunity that the children may not have previously had.


Take a look at our topics for this coming year. We intend to teach the children a wide range of skills alongside an array of knowledge for each unit. There may be slight changes throughout the year depending on weather, availability and other opportunities that arise.

Year 3 Best Bits - Autumn 1

We have had a wonderful half term in Year 3, which has been full of brilliant learning and unforgettable experiences.

In history, we have been learning all about The Normans and had the opportunity to visit Conisbrough Castle.  This medieval fortification enabled the children to experience a real-life Norman Castle. Investigating the ruins of a Motte and Bailey castle brought our history learning to life!


Back at school, we had a very exciting delivery of a history box.  This consisted of a huge collection of authentic Norman artefacts. We were all lucky enough to explore these in class and discover their purposes. 


Year 3 - Autumn 2 Best Bits

In French, we have been learning how to say different animals and acting them out. The bird was there favourite…ask them what it is in French!


In Year3, we have been investigating newspaper reports, how they are structured and what type of language is used. We will be writing our own report on the Three Little Pigs, the alternative story!


We have been investigating different rocks in Science and classifying them into the four different types.Which one comes from a volcano?


In our math's unit, we have been learning to tell the time, it was tricky to start but now we can all tell the time to half past, o’clock, quarter to/past and even minutes past an hour! Impressive!

Spring 2 Best Bits

Year 3 have been learning all about rocks and as part of this they have been learning about volcanoes. Look at some of our amazing models.