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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Class Teachers: Miss Matkin, Miss Waterson, Miss Shaves, Mrs Shotton


Year 3 is a fun year for children where lots of exciting learning takes place.


At Southey Green, we promise to provide our children with 6 unique experiences in each year group. We call these ‘Southey’s Super Six’. These tasks give our children something to look forward to each year and in places, provide an opportunity that the children may not have previously had.


Take a look at our topics for this coming year. We intend to teach the children a wide range of skills alongside an array of knowledge for each unit. There may be slight changes throughout the year depending on weather, availability and other opportunities that arise.

May the Force be with you!


In Year 3, we have been busy expanding our knowledge of forces in our Science topic, “May the Force be with you” by exploring magnetic forces. We have used our investigative skills to experiment which materials and objects are magnetic and how magnets can attract and repel each other depending on which poles are adjacent. We were fascinated to discover that some magnetic forces are strong enough to attract magnetic objects through a table -  we really enjoyed showing off our learning with the dance of the paperclips!

Conisbrough Castle

Year 3 have had an amazing visit to Conisbrough Castle this term, to learn all about the Normans. We have already ticked off one of our Southey Super Six! Conisbrough is a real Norman castle which was built in the 1100s. We took part in a workshop where we found out all about the different people who would live in the castle and what their jobs involved. We were able to walk right to the very top of the castle and could see for miles! There was so much to see and do and some of us even got to dress up in Norman outfits. We found out that the people who built and owned the castle were called Lord Hamelin and Lady Isabel. We had a great day and the people who worked at the castle, and some members of the public, commented on how wonderful we were to work with and how well-behaved we were. We made Southey proud!