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Leading Parent Partnership Award

LPPA Re-accreditation 

We were delighted to be re-accredited with the LPPA Award in November 2020 after first achieving it in Summer 2017. The school firmly believes in our links with the parents and with families in order to support and encourage all children to achieve their potential both in and out of school.

Our LPPA Assessor commented on the following findings in his overall report:


Evidence of the verification was presented through a discussion with the head teacher Mrs Pilling and LPPA Coordinator Mrs Oledrzynski, telephone meetings with LPPA parents/grandparents, school staff, school governor and pupils. The mini portfolio contained a very comprehensive, well organised range of evidence to show how the school is still meeting the Objectives and Key Performance Indicators of the LPPA.


Commentary on the mini-portfolio of evidence:

  • All the key performance indicators are evidenced and meet the requirements of the award. The LPPA co-ordinator provided a very comprehensive and well organised portfolio.
  • The working party is representative of the whole school community.
  • There are a range of high quality displays which celebrate aspects of the school’s work, including the numerous clubs on offer.
  • The school uses a range of methods of communication. Other documentation shows the very clear lines of communication available to parents.
  • A wealth of information is available for the parents on the school’s website and in paper form at the main office.
  • Parents lead a range of clubs for pupils including knitting, gardening and art and craft.
  • Parent workshops continue to be offered across a broad topic base, including developing a good bedtime routine, cooking, e-safety and specific aspects of the school’s curriculum. This aspect of the award is particularly strong.
  • Comprehensive induction material is published for parents.
  • Leaders use a variety of ways to gather feedback from parents. This information is then used to help inform aspects of school improvement. Parent questionnaires show that parents are very positive about the school.
  • Lots of information about the curriculum is sent home to help parents support their children’s learning.
  • Objective 9 Evidence Record is a very reflective document and evidences a school which has a clear vision as to how it will continue to work in partnership with parents.


Commentary on discussions with stakeholders:


  • Leaders are very reflective practitioners and recognise the value and importance of parents engaging with school. Because of the effective work of the staff and the open nature of the school, parents have built up a high degree of trust.
  • The school has a clear, shared vision of how it wants to develop parental engagement in the future.
  • The governors are kept very well informed about developments towards the LPPA. Some of the governors contribute to the school’s work in involving parents and as a result have a clear understanding of the positive impact on the whole school community.


  • The staff interviewed demonstrated a commitment to working in partnership with the parents.
  • Staff are fully involved in the development of parental engagement. They are very responsive to the needs of parents and are flexible in their approaches.
  • Staff are regularly kept up to date regarding aspects of the LPPA award. Approaches developed as the school worked towards the first accreditation have been firmly embedded.
  • Staff celebrate that overtime, parents have become more involved in many aspects of school life.


  • A variety of workshops have been organised for parents to help them support their children. Parents have found these very useful.
  • Parents feel that communication is a real strength of the school and value the approachability of all staff.
  • Documentation parents receive is helpful, informative and free from unnecessary educational jargon.


  • The pupils interviewed were very proud of their school and clearly enjoy their learning.
  • Pupils value their education. They thoroughly enjoy the wide range of opportunities they are given to carry out collaborative tasks with their parents.
  • Pupil voice within the school is very well established.


Strengths identified during reassessment:

  • The portfolio evidences a range of documentation which reflects a school which strongly believes in working in a true partnership with parents. The documentation provided evidences practices which are firmly embedded in the school’s systems, and not merely produced to evidence KPIs.
  • The ways that the school celebrate the contributions of parents are excellent. Parents who work as ambassadors for parental engagement are provided with labelled, high visibility vests, so other parents can identify them easily.


  • Parents are extremely grateful to a school team who are very approachable and helpful. Those interviewed have been involved in the school for many years and feel that the way parents are involved in school life continues to strengthen. 
  • The determination of leaders and staff to work with parents has had such a positive impact. Parents are eager to support the school and attendance at a variety of different events is high.
  • Feedback from parents via the various methods used by the school, again reflect the positive relationship between the school and the parent body.

Areas for development:

  • Following the impact of COVID-19, increase the number of parents who are key ambassadors for parental engagement.
  • Following feedback from parents, further develop the transition arrangements as pupils progress through the school.


Verifier recommendation:

  • Southey Green Primary School to be awarded the LPPA Award for a further three years.


On receiving the award again, Mrs Oledrzynski commented:

We are so proud to be re-awarded with the Leading Parent Partnership Award as it is a fundamental part of our school and what we are about. Through this process we have made huge gains with our parents and therefore with our children, and the school has once again become a true ‘community’ school of which the whole area is proud.

LPPA Members




Lucy Pilling


Linda Shepherd

SLT Staff

Sam Oledrzynski

LPPA coordinator

Emma Howard


Sandra Shaw


Student Council

Pupil voice

Elizabeth Wright


George Lilley


Emma Bean


Wendy Taylor


Paul Stratford


Margaretta McKeating


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Ghuzia Khan Parent

Stacey Murphy

School Governor

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