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Ready. Respectful. Responsible.


Science at Southey Green Primary School


Science Lead: Mrs E Digby



At Southey Green, we aim for every child to leave us with an inquisitive mind, rich full of scientific experiences and having the confidence to explain and discuss the weird and wonderful world that we live in. We prepare each child with a broad and balanced science curriculum. Our science education provides the foundations for understanding their world and ignites our pupil’s curiosity of the world around them. Science at Southey Green aims to be creative, motivating and enriching. We aim to develop the children’s working scientifically skills alongside their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding. At Southey Green, we ensure children learn from first hand scientific investigations to help them explore new and engaging opportunities. Our ambitious science curriculum drives to support children’s cultural capital, being mindful of the world around them and their own scientific understanding.

At Southey Green Primary School, we have designed our science curriculum with the intent that our children will:


  • Build on their previous science learning to support a progressive science curriculum.
  • Experience quality scientific investigations and experiments to aid their learning- led by teachers and themselves.
  • Discover links and connections of their science learning and the wider community.
  • Have the confidence to demonstrate a greater understanding of the world around them.
  • Support and develop their speech and language skills by having the opportunity to discuss their science understanding using the correct scientific vocabulary.



As stated in our curriculum policy, we aim for all of our children to

  • Literate
  • Numerate
  • Being able to articulate ideas, understanding and opinions in a confident manner at all levels using rich vocabulary
  • With raised aspirations with children ready to take on new challenges
  • Have experiences that provoke curiosity and deepen understanding
  • Become responsible and respectful members of our society
  • Have strong cultural capital


There are many ways in which we strive to achieve this and below are just a few examples:

We are a mindful school

We are ready to learn


We are respectful to all

We are responsible for ourselves

  • Build upon prior knowledge.
  • Ensure you have all appropriate equipment for experiments.
  • Give every lesson our full attention and efforts.
  • Be respectful with scientific equipment.
  •  Listen with respect to other’s scientific conclusions.
  • Work well as a team and share the equipment fairly.



  • Stay safe when carrying out experiments and investigations.
  • To take care of our environment, community and animal’s habitats.
  • To organise ourselves and equipment ready for scientific investigations and experiments.


Science Key Knowledge, Skills and Concepts


At Southey Green, science is taught weekly and aspirations are raised by learning about a range of diverse influential scientists. We recognise the importance of children understanding key knowledge, skills and concepts and how these support children's learning.

Here are Southey Green's Key Science Concepts which are woven into our science curriculum.