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Topic Boxes

Topic Boxes

As part of our topic, we are usually lucky enough to have real artefacts within school to help with our learning. The topic boxes help us understand how others lived and the resources also act as a great source of information when carrying out our historical research.


“We got to see a real shield and a Norman flag. We got to see lots of different Norman things and it was amazing!” – Brooklyn Year 3


“I liked the axe because we learnt it was for cutting wood and battle. Anglo-Saxons had cool helmets but they didn’t protect your mouth.” – Dean Y4


“The boxes were fun and very interesting because I got to learn more about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. I learnt the Vikings preferred axes to swords.” – Tyler Y4


“The Viking box was fantastic, I liked looking at everything inside. It was really cool to see a real life Viking horn that they blew in battle.” – Andreea Y4


“Our Victorian box had great examples of older things and how lucky we are now with all we have.” – Seren Y5


“I think the Victorians were really intriguing and the box showed how different their life was.” – Josh Y5

“It gave us more to learn about and gave us real examples.” – Lana Y5


“We got to be detectives and work out what the artefacts were for. The soap smelled disgusting! But we couldn’t work out what the doll maker was for.” – Harmony Y5


“I like the WW2 box because it was interesting and we learnt amazing facts. The whisk was really interesting because it was so different.” Lacey Y6


“The Egyptian box showed us real examples of their art styles and it was interesting to see how much everyday life has changed, we don’t have to clean stones!” Madison Y6