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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Class Teachers: Mr Taylor, Miss Balding, Miss Digby and Miss Waterson


At Southey Green, we promise to provide our children with 6 unique experiences in each year group. We call these ‘Southey’s Super Six’. These tasks give our children something to look forward to each year and in places, provide an opportunity that the children may not have previously had.

Take a look at our topics for this coming year. We intend to teach the children a wide range of skills alongside an array of knowledge for each unit. There may be slight changes throughout the year depending on weather, availability and other opportunities that arise.

After School Clubs

Theseus and the Minotaur


Y4 have been learning lots about Theseus and the Minotaur. In our ICT Multimedia unit, the children worked incredibly hard to create their own movies based on this. They used plasticine to create sets and characters. Afterwards, they used the Stop-Motion App on the iPad to make their own movie scenes. We then uploaded these onto the computer and used Moviemaker to merge the clips together, experiment with animations and also add title pages. Finally, the children used microphones to record their own narration. Here you are able to see Paris’ creation!

You can also see here some of our English work - a Non-Chronological report about a mythical creature the children have created themselves. They started their journey researching mythical creatures and finding out more about them. Then in small groups created their own mythical creatures and generated some vocabulary associated with their creature. We have developed our skills in using different sentence structures (compound and complex), fronted adverbials and writing in paragraphs.

The Digestive System

What a wonderful half term so far! We have been really enjoyed learning all about the digestive system in our Science lessons. We have had a particular focus on the role of the teeth to help us with our digestion, and learned all about incisors for cutting, canines for tearing and molars and premolars for chewing. We then made our very own jaw models and captioned them with each tooth's function. Our teachers were so pleased with how hard we worked on this!